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More than ten thousand voices are already detected!


We aren’t just a voice recording studio, we’re a modern agency that does voice selecting, professional announcer voice-overs and synchronizing


More than 10 thousand voices in our database. All most popular languages of the world, different timbres, accents, sex, and ages.


The full cycle of our professional services include: translation, selecting and recording voices + synchronizing to your video.


We work directly with recording studios and announcers. The absence of intermediaries allows us to offer services at the best prices..



Provide us with your text, voice preferences, and desired presentation style.
We will select and suggest optimal voices and discuss the price.
After settling on the project terms, we start our fast and high-quality work at once.


Provide us with your text or simply send us an audio file which you would like us to translate and record.
We will translate text from your audio file into any language in accord to your preferences.
After settling on the project terms, we start our fast and high-quality work at once.


Provide us with your text and video for voiceovering.
We will select and suggest suitable voices and discuss the price.
After settling on the project terms we will provide a strong voice for your video and professionally synchronize it.


Provide us with your text or simply send us your video for translation.
We will translate text from your video into any language, record and synchronize voice in accord to your preferences.
All services are included, starting with writing a recording text up to voice-overs and synchronization.

Why should we choose VOXRADAR?

We are a modern agency on voice selection and professional voice-overs. We provide first-class services in voice selection and synchronizing and announcer voice-overs in any language. Our agency works directly with leading professional announcers and recording studios all over the world. We have a huge voice database (more than 10k options) that is constantly being updated.

Could we get to know your voice database?

Our database includes more than 10,000 options, and it is physically impossible to filter all announcers available. We select optimal options for customers on our own. It really saves you time and allows us to work both efficiently and fast.

How many voice options do you offer?

As a rule, from 3 to 10, depending on your needs, voice peculiarities, and the availability of announcers that meet your criteria.

What are your work terms?

From 1 hour up to 5 working days, depending on the budget and demands. We can always choose an optimal variant while considering our client’s preferences and financial capacities.

How to order?

There are three convenient ways to make an order: 1) Call us (by telephone, WhatsApp, or Skype) 2) Write to us (our chat on the site, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, or email) 3) Fill out the form on the site

How does mutual settlement occur?

We require a 50% deposit before work begins. The rest of the amount is paid after you are fully satisfied with the result. Three payment options: 1) Company account 2) PayPal 3) Online account – through your credit card

What should we do if we are not satisfied with the results?

We are always fulfilling our customer’s demands in full. If the work needs correcting, we are quick to fix any issue and resolve the problem. Of course, we are ready to give money back, but we have never had such a case in our practice to this date. Our experts do their best to ensure that all customer requirements are fulfilled.

What format do you give the order back?

1) Audio: WAV or MP3 2) Video is given back in the same format as it was presented (or any other according a customer request)

Can I use your work for commercial purposes?

Of course. All our products are provided with copyright and have a commercial license.

What should I present in order to learn about your prices or make an order?

We do not need any complex technical details. If you need a high-quality voice-over, send over a text and your voice preferences. Everything is made easy for your convenience!

Do you provide any musical accompaniment or background music?

We sure do! We have a lot of musical compositions, all of which are provided with copyright and have a commercial license. If you pay an additional charge, we can select and buy the necessary option you wish.
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